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Five Continents

In 2003, for the love of nature and to protect vulnerable wildlife, Canadian Gaël Plunier undertook on his own to clean sections of the banks of the St. Laurence River in Québec, Canada. Over the years, seeing the emergency to protect the Planet, he officially founded in 2017 a non-profit organization called Greenplace International Foundation. A year later, he designed and launched PlanetSOS.org Website, in collaboration with Chantal Breton, daughter of Robert Breton. The latter planted alone more than 10,000 trees as a legacy to animals and future generations, in St-Théodore d'Acton, Québec, Canada. Gaël and Chantal put tools in place to encourage and help individuals and groups to clean, protect, and reforest the planet, providing heavy equipment for heavy work jobs and Volunteer Cleaning kits.

Work In Progress


  • Instilling a planetary culture for planting a tree to honour the birth or the death of a loved one instead of at the graveyard or reforestation sites.
  • Encouraging every student to plant his/her tree for the planet.
  • Establishing an ecological volunteer system to clean, protect and reforest the planet, locally and globally (ex: Easter Island Reforestation).
  • Setting up pilot projects for prisoners to clean, protect, reforest and recycle electronic products etc. to give them a chance to participate in a positive way to the well-being of their communities
  • Digging wells in areas where fauna is at risk due to water scarcity.

PlanetSOS.org - Greenplace International Foundation

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