CLEANING since 2003


We have been cleaning the St Laurence River Banks since 2003 (when the water level allows it) from Varennes to Boucherville, QC, CANADA.


We have already picked up several tons of trash over 4 Continents.

Next step, Autralia.


Colola Capital Mondial de la Tortuga

In 2016, we have protected Turtles in Mexico (Capital Mundial de la Tortuga Negra A.C., Colola), participated in the protection of hundreds of turtle eggs, and accompanied baby turtles to the sea.  We have cleaned the area and also planted trees on the reserve that will provide some shade for the volunteers during briefings. 



Robert Breton (Chantal Breton's father, our CEO) planted over 10,000 trees on his own for nature and future generations, in St-Theodore d'Acton, QC, Canada (1978).


 Mine Revalorisation Project